Look up

The Perseid meteor showers. Always part of anniversary time. Maybe tonight we will go look for streaks of light.Looking up!

Rainbows.Sunshine and rain, a lesson there.

Rainbows on a birthday cake.

The to-do about the coming solar eclipse. Tell your children not to look up at it without eye protection.

Look it up.

Jamie and Becca excited when they find out total viewing is just 5 hours away.

Need to tell sister she is in total area but  don’t look up.

The moon and the stars.

Look up. Hope things are looking up for you!

One thought on “Look up

  1. Hope you get to enjoy the Perseids. I’ve seen them once and will never forget it, lying on a beach with my (then) wife and a friend who said let’s go! Too much light and too dense where we live now.

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