Amazing Grace

My favorite hymn. Each verse has meaning for me. Meaning  may change but the praise has not.

Finding something that was lost. I seem to be misplacing a lot. Some insignificant some important.

Wonderful sermon. I love the fact you can get a copy to read. Bless my feet to your service Lord.

Synchronicity. Why am always surprised?

First retreat meeting. We have plans. We have reservations but no reservations about this annual event.

How my mother would laugh that I’m buying rocks to paint as the craft. But then she never would have understood bottled water either.

Ordering stickers that cost as much to ship as the product but they are meant to be part of the lesson. Grateful I can find them without going store to sore.

Letting go of anger. Letting peace and grace replace it.

Fear is my topic for retreat. Song says twas grace that taught my heart to fear and grace my fears relieved.




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