Order out of chaos

We are cleaning and organizing a room. Grateful for the time and energy to do it!

Sorting it out. Funny it makes more of a mess as you begin to  go through things.Will be grateful to turn the corner to some degree of order.

I’m a morning up and at ’em work,work,work.Hubby will do better if I give him a box to sort some time that day.

It took me years to figure out that one way isn’t better and together it can get the job done.

Imagine it all gone. Harvey makes me realize possessions are just things. Replaceable stuff. Items you can live without. People are important.Memories are in your heart.

The power of hope when the necessities of life have been taken away. A new order will come from the chaos.

Talking to neighbor realizing we both have the same mindset of service. If we all work our little corner of the world, we are making a huge impact.

Found a journal I was given for Mother’s Day. Good time to begin to channel some energy into self awareness. It always open my mind.

Day  off today. A day to make appointments. Run errands and sort  through some things. I will use my time wisely.


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