Praying for those who have lost much. May they find something-just one thing so that they might find peace.

Praying for those under going medical treatment may they never lose hope.

Praying for those who have lost special ones may they find sweet memories to give them comfort.

Prayers for the travelers and the commuters. Safe journeys.

Prayers for those with anxiety. Swim with the current until it settles down. We will not let you drown.

Prayers for my grandchildren. May my girl find her place in the world. May my boy embrace  and enjoy his life. You are my sunshine!

Prayers  for my children. Four incredible people -you amaze me. The others I call family. I am blessed!

Prayers for my Hubby. Love yourself, love me and do not let the chaos of the world upset your calm.

Prayers for friends. Whether we are near or far, see  each other often or occasionally, we have traveled together and the sweet bliss of a shared road will always make us smile.

Peace and love!

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