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Though I moan as I arise ,I can get up and walk. I walk to the bathroom just ten steps and running water too.

On to my laptop. Emails are always first. Hello Garrett. Ann’s reminds me that September will be a month of service.

I realize it’s trash day so hurry out to add a bag.So much trash we overflow! Thank you sanitation workers for taking it away.

Hubby empties the litter boxes. Thankful for his help. The cats are grateful too.

Pause to admire the purple mums we placed yesterday. Perfect timing the petunias were ready to retire. Funny how four hanging baskets can spruce up the porch and yard.

The morning glories chime in with a sprinkle of purple.

Coffee, hot lemon  water and a smoothie. I put beets in my smoothie. New idea!

An attitude of gratitude. Prayers for all!

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