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Gratitudes Sept 24-30, 2017

  1. Sun Sep 24, good meeting. conversations with family, good meals, progress at work.
  2. Mon Sep 25, progress at work, cheerful help from co-workers, good meals, good walks.
  3. Tue Sep 26, early to work, cheerful help from co-workers, good meeting, good meals, progress at work, helpful chat with boss, return of hope about internship, refreshing swim.
  4. Wed Sep 27, good walks, cheerful help from co-workers, good meeting, good meals, progress at work.
  5. Thu Sep 28, good walks, helpful student at Career Center,  lunch outside on warm and pleasant day, cheerful help from co-workers, good meeting, good meals, progress at work.
  6. Fri Sep 29, early to meeting, good meeting, good walks, warm day, helpful chat with boss, cheerful help from co-workers, good meals, bed early.
  7. Sat Sep 30, early to work, productive day at work, felt at ease with boss, fun with the public, good meals, beautiful sunny day, opportunity to pray.


Grateful this site is here.  It is harder to post on my phone, so don’t get here as much. I miss it when I don’t.

Grateful my dog didn’t get away when a part of his cable outside broke.

A.A. and church.


A beautiful Fall day.

Good food.

My A.A. family.




Thirty Days Hath September

Looking back at the month I have much to be grateful for.

Most were sunny days a few rainy. More warmer than colder. In fact that 90* was a record breaker. Cooler now which I love!

The eclipse was fun. Everyone seemed to have  an eclipse story.

Lots of drama. No trauma. Solutions.

Retreat weekend. Good weather. Good studies. Good discussion. Good times. Good food. Good behavior.Good God we give thanks!

An impromptu gathering of nieces and husbands.Nice night. Loquacious people.

Mine eyes still seeing glory. No glasses yet. Hubby’s eyes healthy. New glasses.

Gson has settled into being ten. He is a tween. I love hearing stories about that boy.

Church activities keep me hopping. Things coming in October keep me hoping.



Cool it!

The heat grip has let up.It feels sublime though in May we would have said today was hot.

School calling off because of heat. One for the books. Stay cool kids! Stay cool parents!

Air conditioners and fans. Siestas.

Finding what you need when you  are shopping. Lovely to be able to stop.

Eating out to avoid creating heat. Tastes better too and no dishes.

Letting go of frustration. Realizing that petty things are not important.

Making plans for a gabfest meal. We will have to tip well for we are family and will occupy that table for a while.

Saw a hot air balloon in the distance at sunset. I haven’t seen one in a long time. Peaceful!

Wonder is involuntary praise

Very Grateful for:

God’s creating new things out of nothing

Romans 4:17

hope that tiny decreases in extreme temperatures may signal Fall (Fall, y’all!)

W.C., who is generous with time and expertise

G.B., who is patient with chaotic timetables

J.F., who is generous in her gratitude

Garrett, who remembered my (latest) interview

Jean Wise’s series on Wonder and this resource she shared

The new passwords I am creating out of nonsense words

Wisdom Begins in Wonder ~ Socrates
Even in the familiar there can be surprise and wonder ~Tierney Gearon
Wonder is involuntary praise ~Edward Young

Changing Seasons

Grateful to be done with rattie intros. The girl was an expected handful, but intros were a success. Two lovely little critters now have a full time companion, and I have the mess in my room back in order again. Clean space, what a wonder it does for my spirits. Feels like a fresh start.

Thankful that the rainy week happened last week, while I was too busy to do anything. Feeling optimistic for a bit of free time, and lovely weather to enjoy it in. Time for some hiking, fresh air, sunshine and time to reflect.

Thankful to still be on track for my next financial goal. It’s comforting to finally see ongoing forward progress, even when the bills keep piling on. I’m thankful for the financial lessons that got me to this point.

Sometimes all those pieces you were struggling with finally line up for awhile. That never lasts forever and I plan to soak up every drop. <3

Wonderful weekend

Beautiful weather. Always a risk the last weekend of September. Chautauqua is a gorgeous place.

No one hurt. (Some were hurting from the steep hill and house steps.) I am grateful for muscle rub.

The studies were thought provoking and good discussions in circle and one on one.

A serendipity to have Cheryl and Julie join us for the day.

Everyone stepping up to do whatever needed  to be done.

Sue L presenting Barb’s study on forgiveness when she couldn’t come.

Prayers posted and private. Cards signed by all.

Bless those that cook and those who clean up.

Delicious food. Even a gluten free option for each meal.

Laughter and some tears when heartfelt. Peace and love. Sharing and caring.

Music and song. Show tunes and such.

Wonderful weekend!

Sunday School

2 students. 1 came last week, not here today. Other student hasn’t come at all yet. Pray they both come next week. Grateful for the extra time this morning. Get some other things set up. Grateful for the 3 grandkids that spent the night. Good eaters, good sleepers, don’t fight much and they like each other. Blessings!! Gratitude!! Don’t feel well this morning. Grateful for football at 1 o’clock for hubby…I’ll nap. Struggling to be grateful for work….. Lots of reasons. I like to work, just not this job. Oh well. I will muster my gratitude by bedtime.