Day 3…beginning to feel the Magic…

I’m so very grateful…for the comment by MaryEllenNeitz!

..Reminded me of my Gratitude practice during an exceptionally busy day…

..encouraged me to come to this page to declare my gratitude..because she said she was looking forward to my next list :)

Thank you! Thank you!!

So grateful for the wonderful time at the Landmark Seminar because…

I left the place feeling so inspired to take action..

Felt confident and safe that I was in good hands..

was touched by the commitment and dedication shown by the seminar leader and his team..

absolutely loved the new friends and the inside jokes we shared..

am feeling positive I will achieve the goals I set out to reach..

So happy and grateful to be writing my gratitude journal today because...

I’m proud that I didn’t break the chain by skipping a day..

I feel I’m just getting the hang of this gratitude thing  :)

I managed to steal some time for myself while everyone is sleeping..

I can already begin to feel the magic of Gratitude working .. ( day 3)

A fantastic and awesome end to a  busy day!

Thank you!!!






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