Grateful for all and everything

Stayed the night at the homeless shelter our Church serves. Humbling and impressive.Hopeful people who are starting over. Would I be so upbeat?

Other host is Gary. He is helpful and kind. Sounds funny to say I will spend the night with him Tuesday too.

One family riding the van. Time to go! Two school drop offs. Then trying to get back to the Center with construction everywhere.

Meeting with Barb to make,bake and take lasangas to the Battered Woman’s shelter. She is radiant and fun to work with.

Hubby is making a couple of lasangas for Community  meal at Church next Sunday. Grateful to be working along side him.

Fruitflies. Grateful that everyone has a way to get rid of them.They are winning. I’ll bet they’ll be glad when they are gone.

Cool days that feel so good. Jackets and socks. Deep sleep.

Indian summer is coming. I have Fall and Summer clothes. My bounty is amazing.


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