Positive exhaustion

A power nap.

Making seven lasangas . Pans in a row -add each thing- laughter at each step. Add two  frozen ones and a frozen mac.n.cheese and the three ovens were humming.

Barb is so good at keeping us on track. Delivery to Battered Woman’s Shelter at 4:31.

Hubby arranging and rearranging the things in the oven.

The smell of eight loaves of garlic bread baking.

Thank you Ann for the desserts, The 911 decorations were a nice touch.

Luigi’s is a landmark restaurant in Akron. Yummy Italian  food. That was a wonderful meatball! Salad of impossible size.

Meetings at Church. Making plans for interesting worship. Then a meeting to review what’s happened and our plans for the future. Problem solving forum but things are running smoothly. (Prayers it will remain so.)

The Ah! moment as you stretch out on the couch feeling well done!

The miracle that a $100 donation fed 60-70 women, 13 people in the homeless shelter and 40-50 people at Church next Sunday.


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