Day 5…going strong…

There is Gold in every relationship, even in difficult ones…

I’m grateful to have S in my life…

  1. because he takes  care of all my financial needs in every possible way…
  2. for not imposing his wishes and views on  me no matter how badly he feels otherwise..
  3. for pushing me to do things  beyond my comfort zone ( I wouldn’t have grown so much if he hadn’t!)
  4. For not standing in my way when I said I want to focus on building a career.
  5. grateful for the fun and laughter and the good times we share…
  6. the numerous holidays and fun trips
  7. for introducing a whole new world of amazing  friends after I got married..
  8. for teaching me to be caring and considerate towards others around me and looking out for them..
  9. for the two amazing children I treasure more than anyone in this world..
  10. for being a fan of my cooking inspite  of the food I put on the table :)
  • Today I’m feeling so so grateful that I finally started back  work to complete my course. So grateful for the inspiration and motivation being provided by the new group. Thank you!
  • grateful for being able to connect with my  course facilitator , because the chat we had helped boost my confidence and gave me a sense of direction.
  • Grateful for listening to  the old  recording  when I was coaching someone. so grateful for the feedback I got from my course facilitator… ” excellent”  gave me a sense of pride and  elation..dang! am I that good?! :)

I am so very very grateful for the old recording because it gave me much needed confidence, in myself,  as I listened with disbelief to my own work!

Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!





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