1. God
2. Hearing from Oliver, who just moved to Florida, no damage to his new home, he said. From some others I know, heard damages were minimal, some still without power. Praying for all those affected.
3. Pink lantana and pink zinnias together in a pot. Virginia told me lantana do not like vases. We’ll see.
4. Pegasus for just being here, whether he’s just scratching or resting. Sometimes he walks across the keyboard and inevitably launches iTunes. Wonder what he wants to hear.
5. Jane and the things we share. May a doctor figure out what’s causing her son’s health problems.
6. Talking with Dottie again. We were close once. She was very kind and visited me and took me places when I broke my ankle. I’d forgotten she has a son who’s had trouble, two daughters I think who have managed well. It was good to reconnect if only for a moment.
7. Cats in the lit windows like bookends.
8. Perspectival lines fold the sky into the trees

“life is not a dead end, not something to be endured or mastered” – Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions

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