Those rare and perfect days you wait for…

Every now and then there is one of those perfect days – the type of days you would have given anything for on rough days before… the ones that remind you why you started and why things are worth it. Anyone who has animals knows the value of those *perfect days*.

A few months  ago I unexpectedly lost both of my pet rats. Nine weeks ago I rescued another very sick rat, unsure if he would make the night. Six weeks ago I took a chance on a biter girl. Couple that with maintaining six cats with special needs, and it’s been an emotional ride.

But tonight… well, tonight I am reveling in watching the final night apart for these rats before intros begin tomorrow – one of the absolutely sweetest boys I’ve taken in, and a girl who is slowly learning to trust again (both fixed).  Days like these, when things seem to fall into place again, are rare and worth treasuring, and I’m ever so grateful for this one.


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