• We are continuing to be blessed with rain and snow!
  • Shared with you our trip to Oregon for our granddaughter’s July wedding…
  • …we’ve had another wedding (grandson) in Bozeman earlier this month…
  • no ocean beaches here :) but beautiful mountain lakes and streams.
  • Love, open arms and welcoming for each member of our Ohio family, oh my how wonderful to be able to touch them and hug them.
  • Being able to have a picture of our six grandchildren, residing in Oregon, Washington, Ohio, Montana, and, again, love and touching and hugs.
  • An actual week of festivities and fun…with the wedding, the rehearsal dinner at a family’s home outside near a mountain stream and a campfire; the wedding at Hyalite Canyon next to a lake; the reception with music and dancing in town; the Sunday morning brunch at mother of the bride’s horse ranch.
  • Other fun things were Crystal’s book signing at WSS; sapphire digging; well, a lot more :)
  • “Only speak if your words are kinder than silence.”  -Emotional Intelligence, Crystal Pirri and Mayra Porrata

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