Changing Seasons

Grateful to be done with rattie intros. The girl was an expected handful, but intros were a success. Two lovely little critters now have a full time companion, and I have the mess in my room back in order again. Clean space, what a wonder it does for my spirits. Feels like a fresh start.

Thankful that the rainy week happened last week, while I was too busy to do anything. Feeling optimistic for a bit of free time, and lovely weather to enjoy it in. Time for some hiking, fresh air, sunshine and time to reflect.

Thankful to still be on track for my next financial goal. It’s comforting to finally see ongoing forward progress, even when the bills keep piling on. I’m thankful for the financial lessons that got me to this point.

Sometimes all those pieces you were struggling with finally line up for awhile. That never lasts forever and I plan to soak up every drop. <3

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