Wonderful weekend

Beautiful weather. Always a risk the last weekend of September. Chautauqua is a gorgeous place.

No one hurt. (Some were hurting from the steep hill and house steps.) I am grateful for muscle rub.

The studies were thought provoking and good discussions in circle and one on one.

A serendipity to have Cheryl and Julie join us for the day.

Everyone stepping up to do whatever needed  to be done.

Sue L presenting Barb’s study on forgiveness when she couldn’t come.

Prayers posted and private. Cards signed by all.

Bless those that cook and those who clean up.

Delicious food. Even a gluten free option for each meal.

Laughter and some tears when heartfelt. Peace and love. Sharing and caring.

Music and song. Show tunes and such.

Wonderful weekend!

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