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Gratitudes Sept 17-23, 2017

  1. Sun Sep 17, good meeting, conversations, progress at work, insights, refreshing swim at pool, home cooking projects, good meals.
  2. Mon Sep 18, well rested, progress at work, cheerful help from co-workers, good walks, good meals.
  3. Tue Sep 19, well rested, progress at work, cheerful help from and conversations with co-workers, progress on resume, good walks, good meals.
  4. Wed Sep 20, early to meeting, progress at work, cheerful help from co-workers, prayer break at lunch time, helpful advice from boss, good walks, good meals.
  5. Thu Sep 21, well rested, progress at work, cheerful help from co-workers, world peace day, good walks, good meals.
  6. Fri Sep 22, well rested, good walks, good seminar, progress at work, cheerful help from and conversations with co-workers, good meals, dinner and conversation with a friend.
  7. Sat Sep 23, well rested, progress at work, good meals, refreshing swim at pool, productive shopping, helpful info from internet.

  • Happy Autumn!
  • Snowing this morning :)
  • Okay, dear friends, I had shared our two weddings this summer…a granddaughter in Oregon and a grandson in Montana….
  • We have been anticipating another gson’s wedding next summer in Washington…
  • …they went to Hawaii this week and eloped!! ♥♥  Very happy for them!   
  • A summer of weddings :)

Inside, outside, upside down

I feel like a pinball.It’s been a week of changes. This person can’t go to retreat. This one is coming after all.

Now a few hours from departure I think we’re ready. Grateful for all I did to prepare.

Can gratefulness and sadness coexist? They must for this is life according to an article I read . Like a train track.

So I am sad Barb and her daughter can’t come but grateful her mother-of -the-heart has survived all her falls this week. May they find a simple solution.

Joyful that Cheryl and Julie are joining us for Saturday.

In line for the roller coaster ride of the season. Everyone will have quite a ride.We will be changed by the weekend. Not just the study but the sisterhood and shared experiences.

I’m tired already but will have the ride to relax.

Beautiful Fall weather predicted. Not even taking a sweat shirt.

Fill in the blank Keep Calm and…..



Suddenly it is dark. Out to the porch.Listening to crickets and swallowed by the dark.

Ghostly figures with cell phone lights emerge into the night.

A neighbor builds a fire in their back yard.

Flickering lights indicate people have lit candles.

Everyone is excited. All have an opinion.

Hubby has the police scanner going on his phone. No news there!

Stumble up to bed. Light  on so we will know when it is back on.

Long two hours! Imagine being without for days.

Grateful for this experience.



Grateful for those around me. Those who listen. Those  who talk. Those who help me out and help me up.

So amazed that people are willing to help. One was so excited to be asked and one volunteered.

The power of words. Things I’ve said have impacted someone. What they have said has resonated with me.

A quiet evening. Just what I need. Soul soothing and renewing.

Emailing at 6:00 am. I will have answers later. Incredible.

Counting down to taking off.

The importance of lists. The fun of crossing things off.

Have a blessed day!

To new days…

I’m grateful for uneventful rattie intros. It’s an amazing experience to watch these little creatures as they learn to trust one another. Each intro is different than the one before, and you can learn so much from watching how different personalities adapt to one another. These two seem well matched, and Monster is loving and passive to bitey girl’s fear and huffing. He’s winning her over, and I’m ready to tackle round three of intros tonight. :)


“Gratitude turns what we have into enough”

“Every now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness, and just be happy”

1. God
2. God box
3. Ingrid brought me rainbow chard and some herbs from her garden
4. Eileen making time for me and finding a place where we can talk. Where we originally planned to go, there was a lot of traffic because of the street fair.
5. Late blooming sunflowers
6. Iced tea with mint from the garden

Day 7….Picking up from where I left off :)

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for the amazing time with friends last night..

for the compliments I got !

for the feeling of walking on a cloud from the sheer attention I got from people..

for feeling that I count, that I exist..

For the new friends that I made..

for being able to deal with my shyness and inhibitions   and talking to new people..

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!


It is there…

Even when I wake up in my head and projecting,  I can find things to be grateful for. It is always there.

GOD (my Higher Power).

A roof over my head.

My family and pets.


Cooler weather.

Prayer and meditation and my Bible.



Having the money to pay off the house project.  They  just sent me the final bill the other day.