Grateful four

  1. My hubby. Not feeling well I realize how much I appreciate him well. His humor is snide and his stride is slow but I miss his companionship.Glad medicine keeps him well. I wish  it could let him be him.Get well faster!
  2. Laughter The musical score of my life is giggles and guffaws. There has been too many tense notes and dramatic pauses in the melody.I wish for the part of the symphony where it becomes light and airy. Happy people who laugh even as they cry. Shared laughter. I will tell you the story of the spider again.
  3. Firstborn.First loved. First in her achievements. My practice child. Too many battles over trifles.How many mistakes I made yet she fights for me when there is something I want. Fights hard, teeth bared and claws out. I will wear my leggings with pride admiring the  strong spirit who scored them for me.
  4. Autumn. The season of change. So much is changing or has changed. We recognize the beauty of change in nature but fight it on a personal level. But distractions are fewer from outside activities so creativity can make us as industrious as the squirrels. Not quite yet though. A few more rainbow walks without distraction. A few more afternoons of catching leaves.
  5. Four and more today.

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