Up early to unlock the Church since custodians were on vacation. Setting up tables and chairs after coffee hour for Trunk or treat. Thank you Lane Ball!

Need to see when custodian appreciation day is. They are unsung heroes.

Grateful to be able to hep when something needed to  be done STAT. Glad to take it off Kathy’s shoulders. She is another hero.

A round of applause for our Pastor.His gift was a Autumn tree with fingerprint leaves. Many wrote him cards of thanks.

Holding someone as they cry. May they find comfort and peace.

A hug for my Pastor and my friend.

Elders provided a special coffee hour. Pizza and cake. Good job guys.

Trunk or Treat was flawless. Over three hundred kids walked through visiting the decorated cars and played the games. Goats and alpacas. A blow up slide. Free food too. So many people made this event happen.

The sweet gesture of hubby running into Acme for quick food (and wine) when I was spent.

Oh no! Bank card is missing. Safe at another grocery store. Bless whoever found it and turned it in. Reunited!


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