I love technology/ I hate technology

When a coupon won’t scan,trying to realize it’s not the clerks fault .

When manager gets involved, keeping my voice even. Finding my calm.

Ebay. The frustration when it won’t check you out. Just a computer. I won’t feel self recrimination.

Winning the bid and realizing you’ve spent a lot of money. Thankful I work.

Self checkout. Mine freezes up . I say could it be out of change? Clerk says no. I was right. They can’t fix it. Hey people in line, I didn’t do it.

Shopping at 1:00 a.m regret at 7:00 a.m.

Too simple to buy. I guess the roadblocks are to say stop. Hide the credit cards.

Time to get out of my ghost pajamas and go. I owe,I owe It’s off to work I go!


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