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Gratitudes Oct 15-21, 2017

  1. Sun Oct 15, good meeting, conversations with family and friends, sunny walks, good meals, progress at work.
  2. Mon Oct 16, sunny walks, lunch outside, cheerful help from co-workers, progress at work, good meals.
  3. Tue Oct 17, well rested, sunny walks, lunch outside, helpful chat with boss, cheerful help from co-workers, progress at work, good meals.
  4. Wed Oct 18, well rested, chat with bus driver, early to work, good meals, lunch outside, progress at work, conversations with co-workers, helpful info on internet, pleasant moment in park.
  5. Thu Oct 19, early to work, cheerful help from co-workers, progress at work, helpful hearing aid appt., lunch outside, sunny walk home, insights, good meals.
  6. Fri Oct 20, well rested, early to work, sunny walk to and from work, cheerful help from co-workers, progress at work, helpful insights, good meals.
  7. Sat Oct 21, well rested, sunny walks, progress at work, productive shopping, cheerful help from retail workers, conversations, good meals.

Express yourself

Never miss the opportunity to tell someone they are special and why. Sincere compliments only.

Listening is important.Hugs are essential.

Working on a tribute to Pastor. Gratitude lists are easy, expressing eight years of relationship was challenging. Grateful to call him Pastor and friend.

Writing longhand . I shake so he may not be able to read it. No A in penmanship but A in effort.

Prayers to the night sky while watching for meteors. Serene and surreal!

Handling a complaint without stepping into nastiness.

Texting “need anything ?”to daughter with bronchitis.

Time to check in with hubby. He has been working with plumber and probably needs a word of comfort.

  • Loving these gorgeous Autumn days of perfect weather ♥
  • A fun and always interesting visit with daughter and son! Warms my heart ♥
  • Cathy woke in the middle of the night with the sound of an elk bugling in her yard :)
  • David observing a magnificent huge Golden Eagle flying over his house….awesome wing span!  They are beautiful.
  • Oops, my computer stopped running about a week ago…our tech savvy gson Austin came to our rescue, found whatever it was and had it resolved in half an hour! God Bless Austin!
  • Okay, we have Halloween soon….Thanksgiving….and am thinking Christmas….have several gifts purchased and checkin’ off my list :)


An epic Fall day with the sun casting shadows and the crisp cool air.

This is  what I wished for as I was sweltering this Summer.

Church events are coming. The season of thanksgiving and giving only weeks away.

Goodbyes with no regrets. Work  to take my energy.

Son says he will paint the house. We look unfinished since neither of us will go to high.

Packages in the mail.

A hand written thank you note. Precious!

Singing Christmas songs in choir.

Many coffee hours coming just as I’ve given up cake.

God be with you till we meet again!


A day of change

Unexpected day off. Hours of possibility. Nice blend of obligation and me time.

Prescription of a walk a day. Where shall I go this morning? What will I see?

Beautiful time of the year. I love the cooler weather.

Wildlife walk. Even the mushrooms should be colorful.

We have a new to us washer and dryer. Pick up went smoothly. Not quite time to turn them on though, step by step.

Thinking ahead as to what I’ll eat for the day helps me control portion and ration.

A trip to the produce store for good food. The secret is to prep it so when snack attack attacks you have ammunition.

Can’t get my head around Cheryl’s leaving.Memories wash over me. She may leave but she is not gone.

As I help her sweep the corners of her house let me remember it is not her home but a shell. Someone else’s dream home. What an exciting time for them!

I am privileged to call her friend. I admire her strength and talent (and wit).” I will go Lord if you lead me. I will hold your people in my heart.”


Apples don’t apologize

An apple a day makes the Dr happier than poor food choices. Time to eat more apples.

Honeycrisp. Local grown.

Grateful for my doctor. She scolds me but knows I will process her input in my time.

Why do people tell you “Oh that medicine causes such and such…” I prefer to have faith in Dr’s wisdom.

New medicine. I hate it but if I was more careful it wouldn’t be necessary. Amazing variety of drugs out there.

She took time to listen to my story though she was behind.

There are things I can change and I will work on that.

As for the rest take me as I am. I am a rare type.



We reflect rays of God’s love to those around us.

The love circles back to wash over us. Memories of kindnesses and unexpected serendipity.Amazing and awesome.

Why am I always surprised?

The power of a smile. Reflecting and remembering then laughing at myself.

Sunshine and shadows. Autumn reflections.Light diffuses differently. Shortening days means more time for inner reflection.

Deep thoughts that lead to a tranquil spot where you feel cherished and empowered.

The reflection of the trees on the water is a rendering of the original. So our reflections are but are only ghostly images of what is true.

So in all this reflection is a challenge not to just watch but experience it and use it. What’s the worst that could happen?