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Thanksgiving -More than a day!

My message is coming along. I chose one of the topics and that gave me peace and clarity.

Judy offered to do the Children’s sermon the Sunday I speak.

Thanksgiving starts this weekend with two dinners at Church Sunday.

Outreach is ready to provide for the families.

A picnic supper at 9:30 at night at the end of a busy day.

Laughter at choir. Wonderfully talented fill in organist!

Anthony is taking a break. His voice will be missed.(His presence will be missed. My left hand guy!)

Choosing songs only to find songs had been chosen. Breathe and insist on one song.

Grateful for all the little things I take for granted.




Grateful for this new day. Now let me get it together and get things done.

Returning a library book I loved. Amazing that you can check out books honor style.

Mailing a birthday card. The variety of cards . The fact that you mail it here and it goes there.

Hanging a sign at Church. Come to the meal on Sunday. It will be a feast.

Living out the scripture I was reading. When I was hungry you gave me to eat…

Putting gas in the car is usually all it takes to get from point A to point B.

Point B. My job for the day. Thank you that I can work.

Meeting tonight. Time to consider Christmas. Grateful for all who make things possible.

Choir. Now Thank We All Our God in four part harmony.Believing we will achieve this is faith.


New day

Trying to write a message for Church service on the 26th. Grateful for so many ideas.

Grateful for this new day. Confident that I will settle down and zero in on a few ideas.

Grateful that the pastor will help if asked.

I found out that two great grandkids  from Church that a  church friend  brings were left homeless in  a house  fire.

There is a two year old too. Glad all are safe. Comfort and prayers.

The response from our women’s group was immediate.

Grateful for this house.

And the snoring Hubby.

And the demanding cats.

Things can change quickly. Forgive me that I am not more grateful!




Finishing a really good book. Not happily ever after but satisfying like ending of a symphony.

A long but productive meeting at Church. We are planning Christmas but looking towards Lent.

Accepting an opportunity and beginning to frame and refine it. Seeing harmony.

The voice in the night that leads me onward.

Sharing with ever caring Kathy. Sister-of-my -heart!

Listening to the music for Sunday over and over till I can feel the harmony. Singing with it.Reaching for it!

The amazing gifts Chuck has brought to the choir.

The amazing thing that someone I need to talk to emails me. Synchronicity!


Monday musings

Blushing when the choir sang me Happy Birthday before the service. I figured I was safe since Chuck is new. Thanks everyone for the hugs and wishes all day long.

Looking at the Facebook messages and adding personal greetings I see strings of love across time and space. Like a web with me at the center. She who weaves her web!

Thanks to Meg who offered pizza and games for the birthday evening.Don’t remember if I won but I know I laughed and had fun.

Tyguy singing on the answering machine. My heart swells!

Early call today was Gdaughter who thought of my birthday early yesterday then got busy. Loved to hear her sing. It extended the joy to today!

She was surprised we had had snow. Just flurries but a warning light blinking.

Today I will form a list of home bound from Church. Next step in my thanks and giving plan is to pay them special attention.

I am grateful for my busy life and the energy I have. Make me a servant.



M.E throughout the book

I was born just after midnight November 12th. Family wanted a boy but I was my mother’s first (and only )and there was no question she and I bonded.

I was dubbed Pinky and soon became the center of attention. (in fact Mom had to tell me my name when I went to kindergarten at 4.)

Mary Ellen Green throughout school. I was a tomboy and I think I had more fun.

High School in the 70’s. Our principal tried to instill principles of awareness and caring. My friends called me Nutmeg. We did outrageous things.

I ,Mary Ellen take you Timothy to be my husband. We were fruitful and multiplied. My name became Mom.  Happy years though as I learned from my children.

The old lady who lived in a shoe had so many children she didn’t know what to do. Stress depletes and I was depleted but at the same time I found an inner creativity that was amazing.  I was BPbear.

I touched the technicolor sky but was returned to a black and white normal. I signed all emails M.E.

I am confident. I am creative. I am a work in progress. Mary E Neitz

Laugh today and live life to the fullest. Love yourself and those who love you.Happy Birthday Mary Ellen Neitz


Nov 5-11, 2017 Gratitudes

  1. Sun Nov 5, good meeting, sunny day, progress at work, conversations with friends and family, good meals, bed early.
  2. Mon Nov 6, good walks, sunny day, progress at work, cheerful help from co-workers, good meals.
  3. Tue Nov 7, well rested, sunny day, good walks, progress at work,conversations, good meals.
  4. Wed Nov 8, well rested, sunny day, good walks, progress at work, cheerful help from co-workers, good seminar, insights, conversations, good meals.
  5. Thu Nov 9, well rested, pleasant doctor appt.,  good walks, progress at work, cheerful help from co-workers, insights, conversations, good meals.
  6. Fri Nov 10, well rested, good walks, progress at work, cheerful help from co-workers, conversations, opportunity to be of service, good meals.
  7. Sat Nov 11, well rested, sunny walks, progress at work, insights, productive shopping trip, good meals, bed early.


Thanks veterans. Those who gave and those who give. Those who suffered mentally or physically because they put themselves before us.

Thanks to those who care about me. Those who speak up are especially precious.

Thanks Allie for the jump when the car wouldn’t start. Last week we rescued you . This week we needed you!

Thanks for warmth on this frosty day. (20*)

Thanks for my coat and scarf and gloves. I gathered them over the last month. (This is not a drill!)

Thanks for the abundance in my life.

Thanks for naps and books and quiet day. Rest and relax and recharge.

The virus I have shakes me but is not life threatening just annoying. Be gone!

November Chorus

Breakfast with my daughter. She has a morning off and comes to get me.

Choir. We are a family.  Familiar songs,new songs and new ways. The tone was light and energetic.

No snow! Whew! Dodged a snowball!

Christmas leggings ordered.

Adopting a family to shop for. Shopping for a second that the Church funds.

But today it’s still November. Birthday season. Then a busy week. Thanks and Giving!

Followed by the Grateful week. I cannot contain my gratitude to one day.