Monthly Archives: November 2017

Wake up

It is dark but behind me a sunrise is beginning to threaten the world with promises of light.I’m uneasy as if it were a storm not a light show. Relax now! Whatever the day brings I will embrace.

Wake up to the morning . Wake up to the light. Wake up to the day.

Wake up to December. There is much to do.One day at a time. One thing enjoyed then another.

Wake up to beginnings and endings. Prepare your soul. Open your heart.

Wake up brain and organize yourself. New day coming!

Wake up body! Head to toe. Breathe!

Wake up and go about your day. Peace and love!


Shine on!

Where do you put your gratitude? Too busy I’ll post tomorrow or do you express it and cross that off the list?

Or do you put it in your pocket to carry it with you available but easily lost?

I absorb mine. Take it into myself and then shine.

Open eyes and senses alert I add to the embers.

Happy Anniversary Carol and Tom. Carol,I love your ideas. Through giving that we receive.

Shopping for children I don’t know ,imagining the light in their eyes.

Crystal’s advice to Glow through the Holiday season.

December brings a series of events. It can exhaust you or stoke the fire of your soul.

Shine on!

Nov 19-25, 2017 Gratitudes

  1. Sun Nov 19, early to meeting, conversations, sunny day, progress at work, good meals, life is good.
  2. Mon Nov 20, well rested, progress at work, cheerful help from co-workers, conversations, lunch outside, good walk home, good meals, Christmas carols on you tube.
  3. Tue Nov 21, good walk home, progress at work, cheerful help from co-workers, conversations, lunch outside, good meals.
  4. Wed Nov 22, good walk home, progress at work, cheerful help from co-workers, conversations, productive shopping trip, insights, good meals.
  5. Thu Nov 23, pleasant drive to visit friends, good holiday dinner, gift of book, insights, conversation with friends, good meals (didn’t overeat!).
  6. Fri Nov 24, pleasant walk with friend, conversations with friends, safe drive home, good meals.
  7. Sat Nov 25, good walks to and from work, progress at work, good meals, good nap.

Prayers and hugs.

My brother-in-law had a  massive stroke and I have decisions to make when he leaves us but the decisions my sister is making are harder.

Grateful to my niece for keeping us updated but sorry to see his decline.

He is in Hospice and in a strange place between life and death.

Where is the gratitude in this? Grateful for his steady presence all of my life. His subtle humor. Good man.

Watching the outpouring of love to my sister and my niece. So many prayers and hugs. So many well wishes.

Emailing often with another sister and protecting another. I play many roles.

Grateful I was not the guest speaker yesterday at Church though it means I will have to restructure my message. I believe God wants me to say something else.

The mighty trio at Laughing Club. We have some good memories.

Whisper a prayer and gather a hug!


Been a while

Grateful for my church family. Always leave feeling hopeful and happy. * I do usually arrive feeling the same way too! Grateful for Guest Preacher….great message and really nice approachable man. Looking for his first church soon….. Feeling accomplished, most Christmas shopping all done. First year. Week vacation coming up….feeling very grateful for that. Grateful for my house and husband, in opposite order. 😊

  • A lovely Thanksgiving dinner and gathering at our son and wife’s new home…their 1st Thanksgiving in new home…a beautiful sunny and warm day!  Family
  • A favorite prayer: Thank you for the food before us, the family beside us, and the love between us.
  • The 79 ft. Christmas tree that came from the Kootenai Forest in western Montana and traveled by truck to be displayed at the White House in Washington D.C.  Stopped at a number of towns along the way….and, yes, here in Helena as well.  The 3rd tree that Montana has supplied for the White House.
  • Crystal’s “Glow” for CSW!
  • Crystal and Cathy’s “Peaceful Mind” podcasts!
  • Our neighbor Luann’s shrimp chowder….omg! absolutely delicious! So happy she shared with us.
  • Ava’s ballet dancing for the Nutcracker…lovely
  • Family member who will be 60 soon…thinking about decade beginnings:  20, thinking about being 21:); 30, okay but thinking about being over the hill;  40, life begins?; 50, ready for AARP; 60, retirement soon?; 70,80,90,100 grateful for health and each day!  Aha! Which one are you? LOL

Thanksgiving Eve

Tomorrow we will give thanks for the big things. Today let’s think about small things.

Finding a Baby Jesus to be in our Search for the Christ Child Nativity. A miracle blew by and I am in awe.

A just right picture because one small toddler brought us together.

Warm socks, gloves and mittens!

Clean crisp sheets and fluffy pillows. Snuggly blankets.

Toilet paper,tissues, paper towels and baby wipes.

Recyclable grocery bags. So bright and beautiful!

Recipes written in handwriting that is familiar. Sometimes smudged with food from the past.

Keys,cell phones, bank cards and cash and being able to find them.


1. God
2. Without her phone working, Eileen still kept in touch
3. Spectacular late fall day
4. Undwelt corners, untravelled pathways
“As the ghosts and memories swirl around me, what I feel, more than anything, is gratitude. I feel privileged to have lived those moments, even the difficult ones, and to have known and loved (and been loved by) the people who are no longer here.” Lindsey Mead, “Thanksgiving and the fullness of life.”


Don’t sweat the small stuff.(And its all small stuff.)

So some is pretty big and pretty overwhelming but bend (and breathe.)

Grateful for the ability to be flexible. (Mentally at least!)

Buying food for Thanksgiving # 3.

“Now Thank We All Our God” sounded good.

Double booked on sermons next Sunday mine will wait till December 31st.

Laughing at myself and unusual situations.

Praying for those who have confided in me that they need prayers.

Keeping calm so I will be truly grateful on the thankful day!


The Grateful Season

Preparing for three meals. A dish for after Church. A community meal and then ours on Thursday. Thanksgiving 1,2 and 3!

Turkey,turkey,turkey! I love turkey!

Predictable side dishes. Old standbys that comfort and bring back memories of other Thanks givings.

The tables at Church will be filled with everything imaginable.

Last year we were visiting with my daughter. Her husband makes mac’ and cheese so I made that for Church.

Allowing myself a dessert.

Thanksgiving napkins add a festive touch to the community meal. Turkeys, leaves and a cornucopia.

Pausing to reflect on my many blessings. Grateful for those in my life who make it easier!