Then sings my soul

Waking each morning with praise on my lips and ideas in my head.

The energy to fulfill those notions.

The new choir director Chuck. He is passionate, talented and meticulous.Thank you God for leading him to us!

A comment he made in jest at rehearsal upset me.

My friends tried to soften his words.They told him I was upset. My brother and sisters in Christ!

I mentioned I didn’t like his  choice of words. He came and talked to me before service. A calm word of explanation to soothe me. Thank you!

The song was never sung better by our choir. He will be a blessing to us!

Riding home in the expressway in a thunderstorm. The song on the radio calms me and brings me safely home.

Then sings my soul my Savior God to thee. How Great Thou Art-How Great Thou Art!


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  1. Hi Mary Ellen,
    I replied to your email but received a notice that it was not deliverable to that address…I had this once before as well. Don’t know if it’s my computer or yours :)

    Thanks, Jean

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