I get it!

Despair to relief  to insight!

Yesterday I had misplaced a bag of Lularoe leggings I had washed. Not only expensive but treasured.I decided I had donated them to Good Neighbors because I had dropped off bags of donations from Church. I was inconsolable.I planned to go there first thing this morning but found them hanging in the closet. Hurray!

Finding things that are lost is a relief!

My conclusion is that I should not put so much caring into material things. My funds will go for adopting a family at Church. If I can spend so much on a hobby, I can  spend to give a small family a nice Christmas.

We are not rich but  I was enriched by the experience of thinking something was gone only to find it.

Ok God I get it!


4 thoughts on “I get it!

    1. Who says He does not speak to us?
      He clearly said “Get back on track” I am the Lord thy God thou shall not have strange gods before me.

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