Thanks veterans. Those who gave and those who give. Those who suffered mentally or physically because they put themselves before us.

Thanks to those who care about me. Those who speak up are especially precious.

Thanks Allie for the jump when the car wouldn’t start. Last week we rescued you . This week we needed you!

Thanks for warmth on this frosty day. (20*)

Thanks for my coat and scarf and gloves. I gathered them over the last month. (This is not a drill!)

Thanks for the abundance in my life.

Thanks for naps and books and quiet day. Rest and relax and recharge.

The virus I have shakes me but is not life threatening just annoying. Be gone!

2 thoughts on “Thanks

  1. Praying for your health and healing, Mary Ellen.
    God Bless our Veterans…we have them in our family as well.
    Healing thoughts, Jean

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