Monday musings

Blushing when the choir sang me Happy Birthday before the service. I figured I was safe since Chuck is new. Thanks everyone for the hugs and wishes all day long.

Looking at the Facebook messages and adding personal greetings I see strings of love across time and space. Like a web with me at the center. She who weaves her web!

Thanks to Meg who offered pizza and games for the birthday evening.Don’t remember if I won but I know I laughed and had fun.

Tyguy singing on the answering machine. My heart swells!

Early call today was Gdaughter who thought of my birthday early yesterday then got busy. Loved to hear her sing. It extended the joy to today!

She was surprised we had had snow. Just flurries but a warning light blinking.

Today I will form a list of home bound from Church. Next step in my thanks and giving plan is to pay them special attention.

I am grateful for my busy life and the energy I have. Make me a servant.



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