• A lovely Thanksgiving dinner and gathering at our son and wife’s new home…their 1st Thanksgiving in new home…a beautiful sunny and warm day!  Family
  • A favorite prayer: Thank you for the food before us, the family beside us, and the love between us.
  • The 79 ft. Christmas tree that came from the Kootenai Forest in western Montana and traveled by truck to be displayed at the White House in Washington D.C.  Stopped at a number of towns along the way….and, yes, here in Helena as well.  The 3rd tree that Montana has supplied for the White House.
  • Crystal’s “Glow” for CSW!
  • Crystal and Cathy’s “Peaceful Mind” podcasts!
  • Our neighbor Luann’s shrimp chowder….omg! absolutely delicious! So happy she shared with us.
  • Ava’s ballet dancing for the Nutcracker…lovely
  • Family member who will be 60 soon…thinking about decade beginnings:  20, thinking about being 21:); 30, okay but thinking about being over the hill;  40, life begins?; 50, ready for AARP; 60, retirement soon?; 70,80,90,100 grateful for health and each day!  Aha! Which one are you? LOL

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