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Gratitudes Dec 24-30, 2017

  1. Sun Dec 24, good meeting, good reading, conversations with friends, fun with pets, good meals.
  2. Mon Dec 25, many blessings and gifts, pleasant walk, conversations, good meals, safe travel home, help from neighbor.
  3. Tue Dec 26, well rested, conversations with friends, pleasant walks on sunny day,  progress at work, good meals, progress at home, Kathy Bates’ book arrived!
  4. Wed Dec 27, well rested, conversations with friends, pleasant walks on sunny day,  progress at work, good meals, progress at home.
  5. Thu Dec 28, well rested, pleasant walks on sunny day,  progress at work, good meals, suspenders arrived!
  6. Fro Dec 29, well rested, conversations with and help from co-workers, pleasant walks,  progress at work, good meals.
  7. Sat Dec 30, well rested, good meals, sunny day, productive shopping trip, conversation with old friend.

Winter surprises

Seeing that the world has been painted white with snow overnight.

I’m living in a snow globe!

Houses decorated with Christmas lights looked stunning in the snow.

Dinner together. A good idea! A great time!

I filled the tank yesterday. Grateful not to have to do that this morning.

Having a brainstorm and not backing away from it.

Hubby washed  yesterday. I have rags to go to work.

A clean pair of jeans.

This weekend I will reduce, recycle and rubbish until the enormous piles are minimized.

Alexa clean my house!


Joy, Joy

Putting finishing touches on message for Church for Sunday. Service is shaping up.

Daughter got a new battery before she broke down. I was a good detective.

Sunglasses when temperature is in single digits.

Warm socks for cold feet.

Being brave for cold feet.

Snowman Christmas pin to replace the one that broke.

A pin that says “Believe” I will wear it Sunday.

Having enough.

One gift card for Applebees = one nice night out.

Quiet nights after busy days.


Happy Happy

Cold as can be but I am warm!

Grateful for a warm coat and gloves.

After Christmas shopping. New PJs. Friends for my penguin.

Movie with Carol to break in her Movie Pass.

Finding a Woody Woodpecker for Carol.

Setting up a display of Christmas friends.

Alexis is working. Alexis start the car.

Hot coffee on a cold day.

Good times,Good friends. Good family!

Merry merry

  1. A truly blessed Christmas watching my daughters enjoy the anticipation and glee.
  2. My husband who outdid himself with thoughtfulness
  3. Having my mom over on Christmas day- a Christmas miracle of the loveliest degree
  4. Our two trees- the first giant tree that died, and the second little one just right
  5. A fun and relatively easy trip to see my husband’s family
  6. Everything working out so wonderfully
  7. Sleep
  8. Carefree days
  9. Fun conversation
  10. This

A Nice Day

Hubby cooked  a big breakfast and then we made the lasangas together for dinner at my daughter’s. Off to visit with my sister. I had to wrap her gifts then unwrap them too. We spent time talking about Christmases past more important to her than Christmas presents. Home to pick up hubby and pup and off to the home of warmth and love. Son Ben cooked the food. He is a professional. Face time Christmas with Tyguy. Merry ,Merry! Yawns! Time to go! Ho,Ho,Ho!

Gratitudes Dec 17-23, 2017

  1. Sun Dec 17, early to meeting, conversations, sunny day, progress at work, productive shopping and errands, conversations with family, good meals.
  2. Mon Dec 18, sunny walk, cheerful help from co-workers, progress at work, good meals.
  3. Tue Dec 19, sunny walk,  cheerful help from co-workers, progress at work, good meals.
  4. Weds Dec 20, early to work, sunny walk,  cheerful help from co-workers, progress at work, good meals, conversations with friends, sociable holiday party at work.
  5. Thu Dec 21, conversation with friend and co-workers, progress at work, helpful doctor appointments, good meals.
  6. Fri Dec 22, well rested, conversations, cheerful help from co-worker, good walks, progress at work, good meals, seeing many blessings in my life.
  7. Sat Dec 23, well rested, safe travel to visit friends for Xmas, good meals, life is good.


Christmas outfit today. Red top green and red leggings with white and black  bears!

Tree are up! Hubby’s upended in the night by naughty cats.

Christmas slush  in freezer. to “cook”.

Found my reindeer pin.

Carol shared a site called Movie Pass. Plans for fun in 2018.

Shopping with hubby. It’s time together.Remembering to be kind.

Every room has something Christmas.

Food is purchased. Somehow we fit everything in the freezer.

The abundance of a simple Christmas!

All is calm . All is bright!♥◊ Peace!

December 22, 2017

Grateful for a friend at church inviting me to their Bible study this past Wednesday. 



New friendships.

Time off from work before Christmas.

My health.

My pets.

A roof over my head.

That it has not dipped below 0 in temp…..yet. 😉

My church and A.A. family.


The magic of Christmas

So what if I haven’t hung a strand of tinsel. Christmas is in my heart.

The joy (and relief) in the eyes of the people who picked up their Christmas food and gifts.

Children who would not have had a nice Christmas. Their excitement over cookies!

Those who organize and execute the giving out process. We call it Ingathering . I call it Outpouring!

I cannot reach the high notes of the Christmas Eve song but other tenors will join me and I will make a joyful noise.

A gift to be returned will give me a new top for  Christmas Eve service.

Two small trees. His and hers. Hubby’s with trains. Mine with bells.

Christmas music. I sing along.

A washer and dryer in the basement.

Planning Christmas dinner.

Hubby is making Russian Teas. I’m making Christmas Crack.

Joy to the world!