Hello December

My brother-in-law is at peace. A cure for his ills was not possible so they let him go.

Weary prayer warriors waiting for a miracle not realizing the miracle was in his release from suffering. Peace  to all!

My niece who kept all of us informed. It was an essential role and she did it well.

We all grieve so differently. It is hard to realize that many actions and reactions fall under  the range of emotions we call grief.If I can remain loving and forgiving, I will be able to do what I need to do.

So December I greet you !

A promise that for every thing I have to do I will do something fun.

Open my eyes to see beauty and wonder. Open my ears to music and quiet conversations.

Close my eyes so I can rest. Close my ears to all that is counterproductive.

May I never take one single day for granted and be grateful always grateful.



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