Thank You

  1. Realizing so much of life is just showing up for the things you want, and going through the motions. You might not always feel amazing or chipper or even remotely glad to be there, but when you keep showing up, day after day, magic happens- and by magic, I mean: what you truly want comes to pass
  2. The sparkle in children’s faces
  3. Giving and giving and giving when you know that’s what someone else really wants
  4. The power of knowing what you want
  5. Flowers, always flowers, may I be forever surrounded by flowers
  6. Christmas decorations and sparkles and lights
  7. Joy in all things
  8. Self-honesty
  9. Sunlight
  10. Birds

One thought on “Thank You

  1. You may not feel like laughing but if you laugh soon your mood will elevate. I so agree with the first point on your list, keep at it and soon you will wonder why you ever questioned that you didn’t require it. Wishing you joy!

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