Tis the season

Sleeping in till 10.Grateful to be able to relax. Now ready,set and GO!

I have paper lists but will mentally list the beauty around.

Going Christmas shopping. Making a list and plotting my course with a smile on my lips and a song in my heart. Music on the radio!

I picture each child I’m shopping for and choose with joy. Five children and my grandson. (I’m shopping for Church requests.)

A few things for the home bound at Church. No one should be forgotten.Kathy’s help to get the Christmas card for them just right. Grateful boomerang. Send gratitude out and it returns.

Taking the time today to say a personal goodbye to my brother-in-law. A candle,a picture, paper to compose my thoughts, a condolence card I received and the comforting words of Scripture. Intentional grieving!

Today I begin to decorate my spirit soon I will decorate my home.

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