Day for M.E.

Yesterday I decided I didn’t feel well. I gave myself a day off. Grateful that I can and do, do that. Putting myself first allows me to recover.Grateful I have learned that.

Procrastination.Letting the world turn without me.

Hubby guarded me by screening calls like a bodyguard. My diligent secretary!

Simple foods can taste so good. Applesauce, ginger ale, a banana and some yogurt.

Reading and napping to heal my body and soul.

The cat who decided she was my doola.

My nephew lost his house in the California fires. Thank God all made it out safe.

My incredible body. A little rest and I’m ready to roll! I’m up! It’s another day for M.E.!

2 thoughts on “Day for M.E.

  1. Glad you are think8ng of you. That is difficult to do so et8mes. Sorry to hear about your nephew in California. We Ohio residents have much to be grateful for. .love to you

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