Monthly Archives: January 2018

It’s the little things

Cleaning one corner of the Church. Fresh start! Organization.

A new hot/cold cup as I prepare for my journey.

Support group ready to go.

Using a gift card for dinner out. Two hour wait let us get to know the people waiting around us.

A barrel of monkeys put in order.Stop chattering.

The link to a picture of a barrel of monkeys.

Thinking of an idea for Children’s sermon. Harmony.

One good friend at a time. Listening and responding.

Cast iron skillets. I found one then six more.

One brownie enjoyed absolutely. May I savor the flavor of each little thing.


Gratitudes Jan 14-20, 2018

  1. Sun Jan 14, well rested, good meeting, conversations, donated stuff, progress at work, good walk, good meals.
  2. Mon Jan 15, well rested, good doctor appt., thank you Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. for your inspiring example, productive shopping, conversations, progress at work, good walks, good meals.
  3. Tue Jan 16, well rested, conversations with co-workers, progress at work, good walks, insights, tried out new spice grinder! good meals.
  4. Wed Jan 17, well rested, conversations with co-workers, progress at work, good walks, insights, good meals.
  5. Thu Jan 18, well rested, conversations with co-workers, decluttering at work, progress at work, good walks, great yoga class, good meals.
  6. Fri Jan 19, well rested, conversations with co-workers, introduced myself to 3 people, decluttering at work, progress at work, good walks, good meals.
  7. Sat Jan 20, well rested, conversations, decluttering at work, progress at work, good walks, good meals, productive shopping, good reading.

Thanks be

Michelle shared her story bravely so I take a leap of faith.Praying!

Count my pennies and take the risk. Stretching and then more stretching.

I’m nervous but determined. Changes and changing.

Thanks be to those who shows us the way.

Choices and decisions to set a new course.Choosing to thrive.

Work day,working days and accomplishment days.

Watching the Laity service take shape. Why did I worry?

Feeling optimistic. With the help of God I embark on a journey.

Never alone  but on my own. Thanks be for the power to be.


Less is more

Time to evaluate my possessions. Church is having clean out-clean up days so will I.

Clothes are the biggest offender. Must make choices what to keep or give away. Be calm.

Poshmark .Grateful to think I could make a little. I will plan something scathingly brilliant to do with my proceeds.

Friends that are moving have saved a bin each for their clothes when they move. I have one bin that’s just Fall clothing.I am blessed with abundance.

Grateful to have so much but so much is too much.  I can never find what I’m looking for. Let me get past my reluctance to part with things.

Decluttering and reorganizing. Trash bags are on the to buy list.

Envisioning neat closets. Well ordered boxes of seasonal things. Boxes for Good Neighbors and lots of money for the things I sell. Whoopee!

Doing for others

Did you see more Martin Luther King Jr quotes than usual this year? I know I did. One was about doing for others.

Hearing on the radio that the biggest source of satisfaction comes from giving.

Financial giving and physically involving oneself.

Common thread in  my life. What can I do to help?

Surrounded by giving people. People who say yes without hesitation. Thankful for all of  them.

Setting goals and dreaming dreams. Evaluating the possibilities.

The Outreach team at Church. We were weary . Now we are ready.

The sun comes up over my shoulder a new day dawning. Here I go!


Shrugging things off instead of getting upset.

Picture the light and let it fill you. You will shine.

Sunshine so that I need sunglasses.

My six days off are coming to an end. No recreation but recuperation.

Need to assemble a casserole for a funeral luncheon. We cook for groups effortlessly.

Another meal Sunday. It will include chicken as we defrosted too much.

Achy but from moving boxes. Thank goodness for ibuprofen.

Finding a check for $100. Found money.

Organizing the Laity Service. Most everyone says yes or has a good reason.

Let your light shine.



Looking forward

Feeling better.Mood or mysterious virus whatever it is -go away. Eases its grasp then tightens again.

Ready to face the day. Grateful for this day to get ready for future days.

The legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. Blessed are the peacemakers.

Helping D & D pack today.Grateful for strong arms and to have time to help.

Prayers for those afflicted. Humbled when I am prayed for.

Connecting for a minute with an old friend via computer.

A good book that keeps you turning pages.

Rest and relaxing.

Letting something go when it is bothering you.

Stuck in the Winter doldrums but searching for the sun.

I have a dream.

If you don’t have a dream How you going to have a dream come true. “South Pacific”

Sermon talking about vision versus negativity pulls me out of my vicious circle.

Who wants to hear I have a complaint? I have a complaint. Join the club.

My complaint’s bigger than your complaint and suddenly there is no happiness anywhere.

Here’s to dreams.visions, ideas and notions. Light up your brain. Illuminate your life.

Here’s to the visionaries. Those who acted on their dreams to make a difference.

Here’s to those who get excited by an idea.

Here’s to being brave. Take a chance and believe the impossible.

If you only dream when you are asleep there is no chance for them to come alive.. to survive. “Harry Chapin”

Dare to dream.



Counting my blessings gratefully. I have all I need. Let me be content.

A friend who insists on  picking me up so we can have breakfast when I don’t want to dig out.

Giggles! My talking with my hands makes the waitress think I want coffee.

Getting out of the loop. It will be OK.Move forward.

Warm house and warm clothes. Coat and hat. Socks.A blanket to snuggle under.

Snow scrapers and deicer. We are good to go.

DVD player seems to be working. We were blaming the library disks but when Netflix wouldn’t stream we decided to clean it.