Lady I clean for today is named Joy. Laughs with me. (Laughs at herself when appropriate.)

I have cleaned for her for probably twenty years. It’a a family type relationship.Grateful for the Joys in my life.

Reminds me of the joys in my life. My family, my friends, my life.

A phone call from my Sunshine. She is cold but well.

Something lost -something found. Flaring up cooling down.

Hubby has been playing cards with me in the evening. I usually win (that’s not important) but we think of silly things to ask Alexa as we play.

Last night we had her doing animal noises to confuse the cat. She scolded us and told us she had information about animals. Sorry Alexa!

Made a return to KMart and then spent $25. Grateful for stores  that carry things like plus size  pajamas.

Movie card is here. Carol and I will have fun.

An idea in the night! I thought they would stop when my message was delivered.

I have been playing a word game with an unknown competitor. He is fierce. I won my first game with him.  Made me happy!



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