Negative temps -Stay positive!

Grateful the house is warm but bedroom is too warm and downstairs is freezing.

Texted son that we were going to lunch. He invited us and he picked up the tab. The place he works just finished a remodel. Go to On Tap . Good food and updated look.

Oil change is like a check up, Healthy car!

Leave grass and water out today for the camels and Wise Men and get a gift on Epiphany.(Tomorrow) I just read about this. Wonder if grass seed works!

Picturing iguanas falling out of palm trees!  Will be grateful to have normal temps.

No school.No choir. A meeting cancelled for next week . Someone is pessimistic.

Will use my movie pass this weekend.

Meg is applying for a passport for a cruise in April. Looking forward to something warm and wonderful.

Stay safe. Stay warm. Stay positive.


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