Short month-What will we do?

Grateful February is short as it can be a moody monster.

What is on your calendar? Dream big.

I’m thinking of a new hairstyle. Meg says color. Hubby says highlights I say just different.

Valentines Day is about love and friends. Leave out the commercialism though.

I still like homemade cards.

It is one of the most expensive holidays. Jewelry cost more than other things. My family can delight me with a phone call.

Expensive month. Property taxes and sighing over W2’s. With privilege comes pricetags. Grateful for what we have. Grateful to be able to afford it.

Going out to eat though I didn’t feel like it. Watching my daughter inhale her food as I poked at mine.

We will go to their place Saturday for dinner and cards. Family.

I  wrote something on my calendar for the days of January. Now see a chance for movies,walks,eating out, and possibilty and potential.



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