The start of another work week but it was a great day.

Warm clothing to brave the cold.

A warm house to come home to.

My coworkers who rock.

My grief counselor who understands me.

Being able to come home and have the house to myself for a short while.

That I am thinking (just thinking) what it would be like to have a man in my life again with Valentine’s day approaching.  Not getting ahead of my self however. ;)

That grief work is painful but also very rewarding when I learn things about myself.


My church.

Alcoholics Anonymous.

Setting goals for my life.

About Karen T

I am a 52 year old widow who lives with her son, dog and cat. I work as a Supply Chain Clerk at a local hospital here in town. I have been sober since April 18, 1982 and have not smoked since September 8, 2005. I am a Born Again Christian who loves Jesus and am grateful for each day I wake up. I have found that even in the hard times, like after my husband's suicide that I can still find things to be grateful for, even if they are little things. God always has my back.

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