Sunshine within and without

So glad to see Karen posting again. Shine!

Scouts did a terrific job at the parts of the Church service. One boy could hardly see over the pulpit but he pronounced all the words right.

A Sunday that was a day of rest.

A hubby who starts something for dinner. (He did the dishes too.)

Though nursing home is closed to visitors, my sister is well.

A night of cards that led to a morning of smiles.

Chuck noticing my smile and commenting on it.

Stopping at the little lending library for something to read.

Barb’s push to get me walking. No doubt we will be talking. Then smiling and laughing. It only takes a spark to get things glowing.

2 thoughts on “Sunshine within and without

  1. Thanks for the nice comment about be being back. I think we have the same thing as lending libraries. The little ones outside some houses in this town, if that is what you are speaking of. Glad you enjoy cards and glad you can get your rest when you need to.

    1. We have a local library down the street but the little ones are just boxes in front of peoples homes. Such a good idea!
      I would imagine we will play cards before the day is over,

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