Snow,Snow Go Away!

A blanket of white leads me to a blanket of blue . Move over kitty!

Love your neighbor. I’m picking up a prescription for one.

The precious gift of listening. She is upset to be ill.

An offer to pay for the meds has Hubby frowning but we are here to help each other.

Would not make a trip to Acme but if I’m there what can I buy?Making it fun instead of a drudge.

Checking in with people who are sick or sad makes me glad I’m not.

Adjusting the format of the Sunday service. Thanks to those who stepped forward to fill spots left vacant.

The weather prediction says rain next week. I’ll be saying rain,rain go away.


2 thoughts on “Snow,Snow Go Away!

  1. I am more tired of the cold than the show here in Duluth. The temps are rising as the day moves along. It is nice how the sunshine can elevate the mood, isn’t it?

    1. The sun is out and it is invigorating. The cats are romping. I got clothes put away. They were beginning to blend clean and dirty. How’s Jax? Don’t worry about things . Seems like we always make it.

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