3 things…

— I am thankful for the time that we’ve had with Bagerra despite discovering such a scary birth defect. I will choose to remember that he has been like this his whole life, and there is no expiration date now just because of it. Our time with him is whatever we make of it. <3

— I am thankful for awareness – for the opportunity to see optimism and gratitude within worry and sadness. For the memories that enable me to endure passings with gratitude for what we had. For making better choices and weakening my addictive comforts. Life may seem harder at times, but it is more worthwhile.

— A journey I never expected, with more companions than I ever dreamed. I am still here, still kicking, still fighting, still loving. I have a roof over my head, am managing to take care of my little ones, and am learning to take care of myself as well. Its not about the ending, but the story, and I have had a good one.

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