A quiet day.

Time alone with my dog and cat today.

Dishes done.

A load of laundry in the wash.

My dining room table, which is a free-fall for mail and junk mail and boxes, is nearly cleaned.  I am going to try and keep it that way.

No t.v. all day.  Not a bad thing once in awhile, although I am sure I will turn it on at some point.

Good music.

A sunny and warming up day.

My Bible, My Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, and other prayer books to start off my day.  Also, prayer.  Good food for the soul, all of them.

Getting my head back on straight when I start to project.  My spare bedroom has cracks in the ceiling and walls.  Old house, settling,. Needs new roof. I start to worry and then I bring myself back to the hear and now.

A comfy chair to sit in.  Sometimes the littlest things give me pleasure.


Sobriety not not smoking cigarettes another day.

About Karen T

I am a 52 year old widow who lives with her son, dog and cat. I work as a Supply Chain Clerk at a local hospital here in town. I have been sober since April 18, 1982 and have not smoked since September 8, 2005. I am a Born Again Christian who loves Jesus and am grateful for each day I wake up. I have found that even in the hard times, like after my husband's suicide that I can still find things to be grateful for, even if they are little things. God always has my back.

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