Forty days can change your life.

The time before Easter officially begins on Wednesday but Mondays are better for starting new things. So I am proclaiming it a mental Lent. Lent means Spring.

Fasting figuratively and physically. Meditation and action. Prayer and promises.

A time of change. A time to renew. A time of vision. A time of hard work.

Each day I will ponder a word . May even get a poster board and make it into a collage. Take note Carol ,collages are fun. (CelebratePossibilities)

CHANGE I need to. I fear. I can. I have begun.

Things I can change. What I eat. What I do.How I spend my day. Changing my attitude.

Theme of coffee hour yesterday was butterflies. Happy Birthday Betty. She gives those she cherishes butterfly pins.I’m honored to possess one.

Look for changes that indicate Spring will come in the next 40+ days.

Make a change everyday and you will be different by April 1st.

I’m grateful for the sunshine this morning. I’m grateful for things accomplished and a gift of time and CHANGE in front of me.

3 thoughts on “Forty days can change your life.

    1. I hate change but always am glad when I am through it. Yesterday the word CHANGE was everywhere. Even the title of the Bible Study study.

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