Gratitude for small things

The sun shines behind me casting shadows on the wall.Don’t be deceived. It’s only 16*

Haircut today. Don’t know why I worry  it will grow out.

Packing some snacks as time will be tight between work and haircut. Ten almonds, five cubes of cheese and one orange. Add a bottle of water.

Cheerios with blueberries. Christmas coffee.

The original furnace in this house keeps us warm. Hubby needs a little heater but I am always warm.

Hubby likes to do laundry. I have clean clothes and rags to take to work.

A cat who decides at midnight I should get up. Callie It’s not morning!

Listening to the breathing of Hubby next to me as I drift off to sleep.

For all of this I am truly grateful!


2 thoughts on “Gratitude for small things

  1. I have a cat who thinks the wee hours of the morning is the time to run around, scratching and meowing. I miss listening to my husband’s breathing as I fall off to sleep. :(

  2. When I say things like that ,my sister says I’m mean because it makes her sad. I’m not gloating just describing. She is anticipating a hard day. I hope yours is tolerable.

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