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1. Waiting patiently

2. A much needed appointment

3. Cory’s understanding

4. Repurposing leftovers

5. Homemade bread

6. Taking care of myself

7. The potatoes we planted are coming in nicely!

8. Planning the rest of the garden

9. Dog people

10. Logan is feeling better, but still letting me mother him.

Life is good!


1. Logging on to this site and reading lists <3

2. Logan is under the weather, but he was able to take the day off.

3. I am not happy about him feeling bad, but it has been good for my heart to take care of him.

4. A quiet lunch on the deck

5. Nice dog walking weather

6. Slowing down after a season of busyness

7. Feeling stronger

8. Women who lift each other up

9. Sharing stories

10. My sweet old chocolate lab


1. Going with the flow

2. Taking time to reflect

3. Mending broken relationships

4. Accepting hard truths

5. Old friends

6. My husband’s patience

7. Watching the wind blow from inside my cozy house…I’m curled up with a warm dog and a blanket. <3

8. Warm weather must be coming soon

9. Being there for my brother

10. Zachariah


1. Quiet time

2. Decorating the cookies that Logan made

3. He got home just in time to help me clean up the giant mess I made in the kitchen. <3

4. Wayne volunteering to stand in as swim coach

5. Reaching out

6. Being realistic

7. Discernment

8. Rediscovering old music

9. Sugaree

10. Molly


1. Logan’s piano recital was a success.

2. My mom and dad came and brought my little baby nephew, which was a sweet surprise.

3. Even though I ended up out in the hallway with baby, I still heard every note of Logan’s song.

4. Meeting new friends

5. Stepping out of my comfort zone

6. Talks with Logan

7. My husband’s competitiveness

8. Pulling together a good last minute dinner even though I had nothing planned

9. History

10. Care packages


1. Going to the gym

2. Chocolate covered Oreos ~ I thought they’d be too much, but they’re pretty good!

3. New cookie decorating supplies

4. Getting all my errands done

5. Online banking

6. Holding on to peace

7. Being on the same page

8. Accepting results even when they’re not what was wanted

9. People who aren’t afraid to be really real

10. Good deeds