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1. Quiet time

2. Decorating the cookies that Logan made

3. He got home just in time to help me clean up the giant mess I made in the kitchen. <3

4. Wayne volunteering to stand in as swim coach

5. Reaching out

6. Being realistic

7. Discernment

8. Rediscovering old music

9. Sugaree

10. Molly


1. Logan’s piano recital was a success.

2. My mom and dad came and brought my little baby nephew, which was a sweet surprise.

3. Even though I ended up out in the hallway with baby, I still heard every note of Logan’s song.

4. Meeting new friends

5. Stepping out of my comfort zone

6. Talks with Logan

7. My husband’s competitiveness

8. Pulling together a good last minute dinner even though I had nothing planned

9. History

10. Care packages


1. Going to the gym

2. Chocolate covered Oreos ~ I thought they’d be too much, but they’re pretty good!

3. New cookie decorating supplies

4. Getting all my errands done

5. Online banking

6. Holding on to peace

7. Being on the same page

8. Accepting results even when they’re not what was wanted

9. People who aren’t afraid to be really real

10. Good deeds


1. Spending the day with Logan

2. Going to visit Wayne at work

3. Going to lunch

4. Having my camera, just in case

5. Old buildings

6. Finding new cookie cutters to buy

7. A whole plethora of fudge flavors to choose from

8. Samples

9. Making a meal for someone

10. Venting and then moving on


1. My mom

2. Hearing from a dear childhood friend after losing touch for 17 years!

3. Much needed laughs after a long day

4. Making gifts

5. Music that fits the mood

6. Deep cleaning

7. History

8. New recipes

9. The way Logan takes over when we bake


1. Making a surprise for my husband ~ I’m so excited that I almost told him. Repeatedly.

2. Overdue kindness

3. Talking about Ruth

4. Encouraging someone who’s putting himself out there for the greater good

5. The funny differences between Sugaree and Molly

6. To do lists

7. My husband mending our quilt ~ I wanted to take a picture, but thought better of it. If you knew him, you would understand! :D

8. Doing things differently

9. Realizing that the things I’m upset about are so small in the whole scheme of things

10. Having something to look forward to


1. Baking cookies with Logan

2. Taking some to our next door neighbor

3. Margie

4. Andy’s sermon

5. Kindness

6. Old t.v. shows

7. French toast

8. Thinking things through

9. Reassurance

10. My husband talking sweetly to the dogs <3


1. Helping others practice gratitude

2. Contentment

3. Homemade pizza for Thanksgiving dinner ~ Logan’s choice, since it was just the three of us. He made chocolate pie for dessert!

4. Talking to my mom

5. Going to the movies

6. Logan helping people

7. Sleeping in

8. Netflix

9. Remembering…

10. Hot tea


1. Making a gratitude list with Molly curled up tight behind me. For a big dog, she can get very compact!

2. Sugaree curled up at my feet…not so compact!

3. A coffee date with Donna

4. The smell of our dinner…It makes me want to eat early, but I will wait.

5. When someone notices your positive changes and says so

6. Dog rescuers

7. Actually, all animal rescue workers

8. Wayne’s dedication to training

9. Changing my mind

10. Sourdough bread