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Blissful Winter

I’m in deeply appreciation for:

The cloudy cold weather that takes me to walk inside of me
Apple chai! Because life is also about creativity!
Three weeks inside the vortex. My life is changing in soooo many and bright ways…
People reading and enjoying my new website/blog
Healing words
Abe’sther and Jerry
Dried apricots with brie – beyond delicious!
Writing a book
My husband’s support: he is my heroe
Ben’s comics


Dreams with the perfect soundtrack

The shower healer!! This guy came here and fixed our shower. Now I’ll love him for the rest of my life…

My quiet and simple life

Sandra and her picture with the elephant in South Africa

Veggie tacos!

Cloudy sky

Neighbors with good taste for music

Knowing more today than I knew yesterday

The strawberry season!

My wonderful family – husband, mother, father, grandmother, sister, dog… how can you be so awesome?


My super awesome friend Alex is celebrating his birthday today. You’re brilliant!

Butterflies. Everywhere.

Gluten-free chocolate

Signs – How fun you are!

Breathing peace in.

I found sugarcane at the organic farmer’s market yesterday!

Kind people – my life has more color because of you

Not-so-kind people – I wonder if one day I’ll be able to thank you enough for teaching me how to love unconditionally…

The book Bella Toscana, by Frances Mayes – I’m already in Montepulciano!

Hugs from people with wonderful energy.


1. Birds looking for the little fruits that we have around here on autumn

2. Waking up before the sun to greet him

3. Good walks with my dog (Cesar’s style! yay!!)

4. Placing a bright goal in front of me – I can get there!

5. Possibilities!!

6. Knowing that all my dreams will come true as soon as I laugh

7. Laughs!

8. Adelaide, the grandmother of my grandmother. “She was a really good italian nonna” – said my grandma Yolanda to me last weekend

9. Gluten-free pizza

10. Having tea with my intuition