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Loving Spring!

Even after ice and snow, the new tulips and daffodils came up gloriously!!

Walking in the neighborhood and seeing the progression of buds on trees and bushes!!

Thinking about the upcoming garden.

Looking forward to getting the fairy rock garden together.

The grass is soooo green! Hooray!

Painting rocks to distribute around the area — Facebook northeastohiorocks!

The rocks are ending up all over the world.


Goodbye Summer!

Planted tulip and daffodil bulbs yesterday.

Now I have something to look forward to all Winter!

I am doing Zentangle patterns on a fake blue pumpkin – hooray!

Just put out a new thistle feeder for the finches and chickadees.

Went to a fabulous outdoor craft show today – Ohio Mart.

My daughter and I buy each other our Christmas presents there.

I was proud that I did not spend a whole lot of money either – yippee!

Love to watch the leaves falling down — each leaf twirls down in a different way.

My precious heavenly blue morning glories are blooming every day now — better late than never!

Just ordered a welcome mat that says — Welcome all you lovely people!

Sending love to all you grateful people!!

Summer Satisfactions!

Sitting on the bench reading BIG CHERRY HOLLER by Andrea Trigiani.

Watering all the magnificent flowers and appreciating every petal!

Bronze toenail polish!

Red lace poncho.

Mickey Mouse Hawaiian shirt — Mickey doesn’t have shoes on! Have you ever seen Mickey Mouse without shoes? It’s a happy hoot!!

My brother Jeff over for dinner tonight. He loves to eat!

Watching the Olympics — wow!!

Finishing up the day with a wonderful cup of lavender tea.


Looking forward to a jewelry making marathon this Sat. for an Access Women’s Shelter fundraiser!

A phone conversation with a dear friend!

Watching the Democratic convention and feeling hopeful!

A day at home — hooray!

Teaching Zentangle tomorrow to a group of teenagers in a shelter. A privilege for sure!

Finding an old journal and going back in time.

Clearing out a bookcase and finding $10!

Another day winding down, and the gift of tomorrow anticipated!

Gratitude for so many blessings!

The rose-breasted grosbeaks have been here since the beginning of Summer. Hooray!

Our new kitchen table and chairs are terrific. The chairs look like art!

The morning glories are going to bloom soon!

Loving my black eyed Susan vining hanging basket.

Just added blue glass discs and green glow in the dark stones to the stones beside the driveway. It looks like a fairy garden at night!!! Yahoo!

Loving my purple ballon flowers — so tough that they grew in a neglected pot in the garage in the dark!! Then I put them in a place of honor, added fabulous pink petunias and oh boy, they have been blooming all Summer long! Wow!

Just home from Ocean City, Maryland — a wonderful family vacation including jewelry making, coloring, counted cross stitch, and reading. And of course, the beach! It was a tough job but somebody had to do it!

Gratitude to this website and all the gratitude people here!

Grateful for Summer Fun!

So many baseball games this Summer!
Grandsons, Nate and Andrew, are both on teams.
Hanging around with parents and grandparents.
Lots of camaraderie.

And still gardening — love it!

Shasta daisies, balloon flowers, morning glories,
begonias, petunias, Gerbera daisies, geraniums,
exotic mandevilla, marigolds, impatiens,and black-eyed
susan vines!

So grateful for all the flowers in our yard.

Hooray for Summer!

Gratitude for Friends!

Heard from a precious friend today.
I was so grateful to get an email from her!
Friends are amazing —
Old ones, new ones, all kinds of friends!
If it has been a while, catching up is fabulous.
Sometimes I don’t have contact with a friend for
a while, but reconnecting takes only a second!
Our book group is cozy, loving, and amazing.
The other book group is new, but fun and
getting more interesting each month.
And then there are the fabulous Island Girls —
we rock the Universe!!!
Church friends are so wonderful.
Neighborhood friends are so incredible.
Friends here and there,
Friends everywhere!
So very grateful.

Thank You for This Life!

Gardening season is here! Hooray times one thousand!
Black eyed Susan hanging basket!
Bright pink mandevilla exotic and gorgeous!
Heavenly blue morning glories starting up their poles!
Attending LOTS of grandsons’ baseball games!
Husband Tom’s golf outing today — lots of fun!
Did I mention the jello shots at the outing?
Joan Baez’s birthday celebration on PBS!
Signing up for Elizabeth Gilbert’s online course on creativity
and curiosity!
Getting ready for a picnic tomorrow!
Sheila’s birthday party last night — fun and loving!
Gerard playing accordion at Sheila’s party — fabulous!
Thank You for so many blessings!

Spring is Coming!

1. 4 more days until Spring!
2. I have been counting down since the middle of Winter
3. the weather is warmer
4. phasing out the heavy Winter clothes
5. the robins are dancing around
6. I can see buds here and there
7. some of the Spring bulbs are blooming
8. the skies seem bluer than blue
9. getting ready for the Annual Dance of Spring!
10. Mimosas, tea, cookies, silly headbands, a fairy garden around the old maple tree, scarves to wave — yippee yo yo YO!

So Much Gratitude

1. vinegar water for arthritis — a miracle!
2. watching birds at the feeder
3. getting gas at $1.47 per gallon!
4. a new topaz ring!
5. sleeping in
6. staying up late
7. coloring a postcard for my daughter
8. Laughing Club of NE Ohio
9. finding a huge plastic bin full of my writing!
10. singing in our Threshold Choir to people in palliative care or hospice — sacred!