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Life and everything good

1.  The cat snuggled in my armpit, making it interesting to type, but worth the purring.

2. A giggling ten-year-old at bed time.

3.  Good friends who make you honest about the value of your art.  Especially when you undervalue it.

4.  Rain.

5. Coffee.  Chocolate.  The two most underestimated food groups.

6.  Music.  Right now I’m over-listening to “Celtic Mass for the Sea”  Absolutely love the part that says ‘He who tramples on the Earth tramples on himself”!!!!!  So true.

7.  Making your avocation your vocation.  I love what I do and am thankful for the circuitous route it took to get there.  Who knew that job burnout and chronic illness could be a good thing.

8.  The cats reminding me to take a break.

9.  Harley finding himself in a mirror for the first time at 4 years old.  He’s trying to figure out where that other cat came from and is posturing to make himself bigger than it.  Who needs TV when you have a cat?

10.  Listening and honouring my body’s needs and cravings and loving myself.