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Yeah ! Its’ a great day.

1.) Kisses that make our toes curl up.

2.) Walks in the early evening with my husband.

3.) A well cooked meal, that leaves everyone wanting more.

4.) That it has finally stopped raining.

5.) The wild little violets that are growing in my yard.

6.) A really good book to read.

7.) Laughter, and a warped sense of humour

8.) Egg white omelets at Subway !

9.) The words, Zippity Do Da

10.) Clean sheets on the bed.

Wonderful Wednesday

1.)  Finally getting all of the new low fat cook booksI ordered.

2.) Finding out that low fat fod can be good !

3.) Gina’s post,  love how they flow.

4.) Fresh washed clothes rght out of the dryer, that are warm and smell so yummy.

5.) Sunshine and birds singing

6.) Shampoo that smells good andmaks your hair feel good.

7.) A great book to read

8.) Finishing that book and finding another one just as good.

9.) Hubby that takes out the trash.

10.) Love :)

First list, on Thursday :)

1.) Finding this list to remind me everyday that I have many things to be thankful for. No matter how big or small they might be.

2.) Sunny days

3.) Music to fill my home

4.) Yarn to knit with

5.) Puppies to love and share my day with

6.) A husband who survived a recent massive heart attack

7.) Warm food

8.) Cherry Blossoms blooming in my backyard

9.) New socks. in crazy wild colors

10.) Parents that are my best friends