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  1. Choosing right over easy
  2. Veggie fajitas—spicy and cheesy
  3. Being okay with plans falling through
  4. Ignoring the gossip—even though it is true
  5. New people that suddenly seem like old friends
  6. Standing up for yourself and the message it sends
  7. Learning lonely doesn’t necessarily mean being alone
  8. Discovering I’m getting to like doing things on my own
  9. News that could be so much worse—serious yet hopeful
  10. The way I feel when listening to Early Recordings by Opal

Ciao (for now) ♥

  1. The times when you went on and on
  2. The times we didn’t get along
  3. The times I didn’t think you heard
  4. The times you never said a word
  5. The times I swore I’d not forgive
  6. The times so counterproductive
  7. The times when only you knew how
  8. The times I wish we had them now
  9. The times all I could do was cry
  10. The times that weren’t our last goodbye