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Today I am grateful for…

  1. waking up and remembering that I am a child of God.
  2. feeling out of sorts with feelings seemingly attached to no particular happenings or events and knowing that God has got me covered.
  3. knowing that Transformation always has a positive outcome.
  4. feeling the fear and “doing it” anyway.
  5. goosebumps.
  6. Bobbette – who is one of the most spiritual people I know.
  7. Joey – who inadvertently teaches me so many lessons.
  8. My freshly painted white front door.
  9. That I have a home and can offer space and comfort to my friend who is coming with her children for her mothers funeral.
  10. Love, Love, Love.

God is in the house today!

Where shall I start…I have received so many insights in the few short hours I’ve been awake that all I can say is God is in the house today!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. God has provided me with the most wonderful man as a soulmate and kindred spirit.
  2. God has shown me through this man that my healing and growth is a continual process and that laughter and silliness are as necessary as breathing.
  3. In a very gentle (Thank God!) way, I seem to be presented with every issue I’ve ever had and am able to see them more clearly and address them more effectively
  4. And I crack myself up!
  5. My personal experience has proven helpful for two other people today.
  6. My belief in God has brought me closer to the people I love and work with.
  7. My blessings are so plentiful that I can not possibly count them all.
  8. Someone who cares about me and looks up to me gave me Fairy lights for my computer.
  9. My angel card this morning is Birth.
  10. This morning when I opened my “Guide to the Advanced Soul” this is what it said: One cannot conquer the evil in himself by resisting it…but by transmuting its energies into other forms.  The energy that expresses itself in the form of evil is the same energy which expresses itself in the form of good, and thus the one may be transmuted into the other.  –Charles Henry Mackintosh (I Looked on Life).

Humble and Grateful

  1. I have people staying in my home temporarily and they take great pleasure in being able to clean and organize as a way of saying thank you.
  2. Is there nothing more wonderful than having a “craving” for a certain meal and then getting it – and someone else provided it!
  3. Recognizing that I really do have the ability to maintain a peaceful presence to help another.
  4. Soothing, delicious, healthy and healing – potato leek soup.
  5. God’s presence shows itself every day, when I still myself.
  6. Sleeping with the windows open.
  7. Being able to receive love and knowing that it’s okay.
  8. My heart next to Joey’s.
  9. Steve and Griselle – who take the time to listen to the universe.
  10. Anything bright pink!

Gratitude for the simple miracles

  1. Last night I sat on my deck and witnessed for the first time in my 53 years an owl landing on a branch in one of the trees.
  2. I experienced being able to be helpful and a calming presence to another person who was struggling.
  3. This morning I remained calm and peaceful, unwavering in my faith in another human being through my faith in God.
  4. The love of my life surprized me by coming to see me earlier than expected and I got sent off to work this morning with a good morning kiss and hug.
  5. Abby, my lovely sidekick, who when my alarm chimes ever so gently and I don’t stir right away – she comes to the side of my bed and gently “woofs” to alert me.
  6. I am surrounded by honest, loving, blessed human beings.
  7. Bobbette and Kevin – one of my favorite examples of God working through people to help people.
  8. The gift of people who “just keep showing up”.
  9. My son, whose very presence on the planet is a miracle alone.
  10. Last and not least – major league, all out, can’t be helped, unbridled SILLYNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post Mothers Day Monday

  1. My Mom – who has taught me – morals, values, spirituality, love, compassion, persistance, dignity, and strength in all its forms.
  2. Today and each day I am grateful for my son, who has turned out to be an amazing combination of thoughts, words, deeds and actions wrapped in compassion.
  3. I am grateful for being able to admit when I am wrong and not lose the lesson.
  4. I am grateful for more often than not – seeing people for who they really are, not just a combination of experiences they’ve had.
  5. The miracle of 5:15am, the table and chairs, my deck and the orchestra of birdsong.
  6. Kathleen who is humble, and honest and gives me an incredible example.
  7. The courage, compassion and insight God has provided me with, every minute of every day.
  8. Joe, Joe and more Joe – God, I love that man!
  9. Skype – I can speak with my friends and see them through video chat on line
  10. Today, I am grateful for EVERYTHING!!

Insightful Friday

  1. When I assume that God is in charge – any difficulties, upsets, or joys  become so clear.
  2. People matter much more than paperwork.
  3. As a team, we can accomplish anything.
  4. Knowing that my job is to catch people doing good!
  5. My job is truly a gift.
  6. God has given me more gifts than I can say thank you for.
  7. My presence is to hold safe space for others to be able to gain insight.
  8. Unconditional love is endless, boundless and returns 10 fold.
  9. Fruit salad with whipped cream is a gift from God.
  10. Someone is listening.

Today I am grateful for “words”

  1. So often, there are no words – and even on the phone – I can hear what his heart says to me.
  2. Cards – greeting cards with wonderful or funny or sentimental words – and now music!
  3. email and facebook that sends my thoughts in words and even pictures and that I can catch up with others in an instant.
  4. My cell phone that not only makes phone calls so I may speak my words and thoughts and feelings – I can email and facebook too! (if I want).
  5. Policy and Procedure words that are clear and concise, that assist me to be the best I can be in my work.
  6. Puzzle words that keep me thinking and sharp.
  7. Ok – I admit it – profane words – sometimes there just doesn’t seem to be another words that fits when I stub my toe in the middle of the night and then fall down trying not to trip over the dog.
  8. Soft words of consolation and comfort that surround me like a warm, familiar blanket.
  9. Jokes and heartwarming stories – those that are “clean” and leave me smiling long after their ending has come.
  10. My favorite words:  “I Love You” both wonderful to say and to hear – don’t you think?


I am grateful for “plans”

  1. making a plan
  2. excuting a plan
  3. reaching the goal of the plan
  4. relishing in the first three phases of the plan
  5. knowing I can rely on myself and others (finally!)
  6. knowing that God is always with me
  7. knowing that I make plans and God giggles at me
  8. giggling at myself for “the plan”
  9. revising “the plan”
  10. Not making plans at all!

Thursday 4/14/11 gratitude listing

1.  My dog Abby’s “woofing” at me when my alarm goes off.

2.  Joey’s 5am wake up call.

3.  The sun shining through the windows and making patterns on the floor.

4.  The ability to move, and think, and feel.

5.  Morning coversations with my son. 

6.  Music to dance to while I get ready for work.

7.  A car that starts and runs.

8.  1/2 an hour drive to work to pray.

9.  Being helpful.

10.  Bobbette.