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Little Things Count | 09062011

With a grateful heart ♥

  1. Lola’s home. I’m grateful that I’m always welcome to go to Lola’s home anytime.
  2. Siopao
  3. Morning conversation with cousin Darl
  4. 6-minute phone call conversation with Miko
  5. Kirstin — tagiging me on a post in Facebook, regarding the “I Will Follow” song by Chris Tomlin
  6. Availability of cousin Darl’s dress ♥ No hassle. I didn’t have to go back at home to get clothes.
  7. Audrey — waking me up saying, “Auntie Ilyn, Auntie Ninang said you have to wake up already because you will go to the office
  8. Belle’s (We♥Gratitude) welcome note
  9. Kirstin printed out a copy of our flowchart version5 for  me. Credits to Claire for providing the scratch papers
  10. Free pair of teal plastic spoon & fork from the Ate in the pantry

Little Things Count | 08062011

Today, I thank God for the following:

  1. Focus on my work.
  2. Patience & fulfillment. My manager gave instructions on the task that she wanted me to finish within the day. Keeping the discipline in me, I finished the task before the day ended. It took me 6 consecutive hours — having the need to go over time. But after I finished it, she told me it wasn’t what she meant. To cut it short, I have to start from scratch, just because she gave vague instructions. It sounded so much of a hassle especially for me who is a TIME PERSON, but I’m grateful that I didn’t feel so bad as how I expect it would on a usual basis. I even felt fulfilled with the work that I’ve accomplished.
  3. PHP103.00 cab fare. It was raining quite hard for I needed to ride the cab. I’m glad that it only amounted to PHP103.00; very seldom do I ride a cab & have such small fee to pay.
  4. Short morning conversation with Yzel
  5. A small pack of Ovalteenies from Yzel
  6. Conversation with Kuya
  7. Favor granted by Kuya: cooked nuggets for me for breakfast
  8. I spoonfed Yzel with nuggets & rice.
  9. Got my 1st ever ATM card (aside from my the one I use for my pay)
  10. Sound & very cozy sleep due to the rainy weather ♥

Little Things Count | 07062011

Few of many blessings from God:

  1. Audrey’s smile ♥
  2. Sound sleep at Lola’s house. It was still hot but a lot less than in our home.
  3. Time shared with my cousin Darl. I’m glad that she’s eager to share with me personal details in her life. Though we have big age gap, we still jive & get along really well.
  4. Heard my brother said to my younger sister not to wake me up because I lack sleep. Sweet ♥♥♥
  5. Dinner ♥
  6. My cousin Iya prepared baon for me with 3 pcs of bite-size Snickers chocolate.
  7. Arriving in the work area on time
  8. Being able to have at least have few minutes for quiet time in the work station ♥
  9. Company of my team mates during the break.
  10. Free pizza for the whole Core Mobility Team from Lena

Little Things Count | 06062011

  1. Thank You for another day.
  2. Thank You for the food Tita prepared.
  3. Thank You for the electric fan in our room. It’s been extremely ht for the past few weeks, the fan doesn’t do much help actually because the air that it releases is still hot. Despite of this, I’m thank ful; I could just imagine how much more heat the others without the fan feel.
  4. Thank You for the afternoon rain. It lessens today’s heat.
  5. Thank You for keeping me safe on the way to work.
  6. Thank You for  making me arrive n the workplace on time.
  7. Thank You that Jace even mind to share with me how her hangout with V went. I’m grateful she enjoyed.
  8. Thank You for the free Krispy Kreme doughnuts from Lena.
  9. Thank You for the Kirstin’s help in my work ♥
  10. Thank You for short conversation with Carmi.

Little Things Count | 06052011

  1. Thank You God for another day ♥
  2. Thank You for a sound 10-hour sleep.
  3. Thank You for keeping me safe in my commute going to St. Francis Square for the Sunday worship service.
  4. Thank You for the wonderful & inspiring preaching of Pastor Peter.
  5. Thank You for the wonderful testimony of Paul Tan-Chi.
  6. Thank You for the time I was able to spend with Miko ♥
  7. Thank You for the dinner.
  8. Thank You for allowing Miko & Ahmed to meet (despite of the distance & business, they still get to see & update each other, a good things that friends do).
  9. Thank You for making Miko come home safely.
  10. Thank You for the not-so-hot Sunday evening.